Get More Leads From Your Website

salesYour website is the online face of your business and where your customers, potential customers and market go to find information and/or buy a product. But, getting leads from your website takes some planning and may require a few changes to your site.

Easy to respond ‘Call To Action’ Your call to action should be loud and clear on your homepage. People usually won’t take action unless they’re asked to. ASK!

Lead generation forms on every page Have a lead generation or sales form in a visible place on every page of your website, making it more likely that people will see it and fill it out no matter what page they enter your site from.

Offer a benefit People need a reason to buy your product or give you their contact information. Clearly illustrate the benefits you can offer to get more leads.

Include Testimonials Testimonials are a powerful way of persuading potential customers. They let your market hear from people who are influential or who they identify with, making them more likely to reply to your calls to action. Use videos on your site also to make the testimonials a little more interesting.

Purposeful Design Contrasting colors, white space, arrows, boxes and graphics make your site more attractive and make your calls to action and other information shine. You can also use your site’s design and navigation to direct your visitors through your pages and convert them. And place links in areas that will help you get more leads.

Make it easy to contact you Finally, make it very easy for your visitors to find your contact information. If your visitors can’t figure out how to contact you with a question or make a purchase, they’ll probably just leave your site.

You can convert more of your site visitors into leads when you are strategic about your design and content. Start by assessing your website and use these tips to make it a more powerful sales tool.

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