We won't even discuss billing arrangements until you ask us to NOT shut the service off.

Free Agent

$ 79

Per Month
  • Individuals Only
  • 2 lead providers
  • 1 connect phone #
  • 250 min / 100 texts
  • 1 user in system
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TeamMost Popular

$ 279

Per Month
  • For small sales teams
  • 4 lead providers
  • 1 connect phone #s
  • 1500 min / 1000 texts
  • 5 (+1 free) users in system
  • Save $50
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$ 529

Per Month
  • For medium sales teams
  • 6 lead providers
  • 2 connect phone #s
  • 3000 min / 2500 texts
  • 10 (+2 free) users in system
  • Save $100
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Situation Room

$ 779

Per Month
  • For large sales teams
  • 8 lead providers
  • 3 connect phone 3s
  • 4000 min / 5000 texts
  • 15 (+5 free) users in system
  • Save $250
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Are these the only plans?

Yes, these are the only plans.  However, we are driven to find the best setup for you.  You can custom tailor your price by using the following formula. We start with a base price of $19 and simply add $50 per sales agent with a minimum of 1 agent for individuals and 5 agents for small businesses. Then there are breaks for larger numbers of agents. If you are already a LeadCrafters or InCallable customer, or you’re considering our Site Encore or Site Debut plans, we’d like to have a short conversation with you that can help us customize a package that works.

Are there any discounts?

There are several discounts.  If you use LeadCrafters already and want to add this service to your LeadCrafters package, we can discount for you in a few ways.  The first way is to discount the price.  A better way would be to offer you an upgrade free of charge, like an extra agent or an extra number.  Also, if you’re part of a group of accounts, or you pay for a year at one time, etc. there are more.  We can discuss options with you at your convenience and see if we have something that fits.

When will my account be activated?

Your account is active from the moment you receive your email address from the InCallable team member who set up your account.  If you are running a free trial, your trial starts one week later.  This should give you plenty of time to send the email address(es) to your 3rd party providers and have them implement that recipient into their system.

Can I cancel at any time?

You bet.  The freedom to suspend or cancel at any time is something that we have always stood behind, and our new InCallable service is no exception.